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Did you know that flossing is an extremely important task that many people avoid each day? Well, it’s true! Many people refrain from cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of their mouth simply because they don’t want to. If you are one of these people, our High Desert Dental team recommends that you change your ways. Flossing can do wonders for your smile, especially because it can:

Prevent plaque buildup
Plaque is a dangerous substance that can destroy your smile if it’s left untreated. This is why flossing is so handy. If you floss at least once a day, the plaque that grows between your teeth will be removed and your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease decrease.

Freshen your breath
Oftentimes, bad breath develops when odorous foods get stuck in your mouth. However, this problem can be easily solved if you simply floss your smile after each meal and snack. If you frequently floss, you will have a higher chance of maintaining a fresh and attractive breath.

Help you have a clean smile
No one wants an unattractive, food-filled smile, which is why flossing is so beneficial. If you floss after you eat, you won’t need to worry about the embarrassing moments when you have food stuck in your chompers. The more you floss, the cleaner your smile will be.

For more information about flossing and oral hygiene in Boise, Idaho, please remember that you can always call 208-343-4732 and talk to a member of our team. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Matthew Fethke, if you have questions about the proper way to floss. We are more than happy to meet with you and give you the tips and instructions you need to succeed!