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Did you know, brushing your teeth can keep your smile white and cavity free? Many people have heard the importance of brushing each day, yet still, don’t grasp the importance of brushing for your oral health. That is why, our team here at High Desert Dental in Boise, Idaho, is happy to talk to you about why brushing your teeth is important for your oral care.

When it comes to your teeth, plaque, bacteria, and food particles can stick to your teeth, which weakens your tooth enamel and causes cavities. When this occurs, cavities grow and bacteria can seep into your gums causing gum disease. If a cavity becomes too large, it can lead to tooth loss, which eventually can lead to bone loss.

Having your teeth is important to life. Without a tooth or multiple teeth, your speech can become affected and difficult, it will be hard to chew and eat foods, and the bone density can fade causing your cheeks to droop. Gum disease can also thrive which can lead to other health conditions like stroke and heart attacks.

If you would like to learn more about your oral health, or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Fethke, please call us today at 208-343-4732. Our team of professionals want you to have a healthy and beautiful smile. So, remember to brush your teeth twice a day, so your smile can stay a healthy for years to come.