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If you wish to improve your smile, it is important to improve your oral health care habits. Even if you are brushing twice daily and flossing once every day, there are still treatments and techniques you could be using to improve your oral health and your oral health care. One such tool you should consider implementing is mouthwash. However, not all mouthwash products function in the same manner.

If you are looking to improve your smile through the use of mouthwash, consider a therapeutic mouthwash to keep your smile safe. These forms of mouthwash have been shown to reduce gingivitis, cavities, tooth decay, plaque, and bad breath. Most therapeutic mouthwashes contain fluoride which has been shown to help strengthen tooth enamel.

If you’re looking to improve your smile’s looks, consider a cosmetic mouthwash to do the job. Cosmetic mouthwashes often include ingredients for teeth whitening to help remove stains and discolorations and brighten your smile. Although they will help reduce bad breath, they will not kill the bacteria that causes it. Make sure you speak with your dentist before using any mouthwash product to ensure it is capable of providing the benefits you are seeking.

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