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When you walk down the aisle at your local grocery store, you’ll likely see a ton of toothbrushes for sale. From regular brushes to electric ones that seem to cost a bit too much, the choices are endless.

So what’s the best toothbrush for your oral health needs? Believe it or not, but the toothbrush you choose can make a big difference in how healthy your teeth are. Let’s look at the advantages of the regular versus electric toothbrush.

Regular brushes

Regular toothbrushes are the most common, they’re cheap, and they’ve been getting the job done on cleaning teeth for years now.
The advantage to these brushes is that they’re more affordable, easier to take care of (they don’t require batteries) and when they wear out every three or four months you just buy another new brush and move on. However, they don’t have some of the advantages present with an electric brush.

Electric brush

These brushes clean your teeth in the same method as the brush used by our team here at High Desert Dental in Boise, Idaho. The round circular motions clean areas of your mouth a regular brush can’t reach, and it cleans more evenly as well. These are the obvious choice for a brush if you’re looking to get the best oral health possible.

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