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Every year nearly five million teeth are knocked out and in need of restoration. While many of these knocked out teeth are a result of sports accidents, there are still many teeth that get knocked out because of a hard fall or other unexpected accident.

In some rare cases, High Desert Dental can implant the knocked out tooth back into the socket. However, this is only possible if the tooth is whole and still alive. If the accident killed the tooth, or fractured it and some remains in the socket, the tooth cannot be saved. The remnants must be extracted and the gums sutured closed.

To restore the tooth High Desert Dental will often recommend installing a bridge. This is essentially a replacement tooth similar to a ground on it is fused to crowns that are mounted on the two closest neighboring teeth. Once secured in place the bridge will completely restore the appearance and function of all three teeth.

The process of installing a bridge starts by your dentist forming a pair of abutments on the two closest teeth. This is done by removing most of the enamel layer of the teeth, leaving only the healthy interior structures behind.

Then High Desert Dental will make an impression of the abutments, as well as the void and any other relevant teeth. The impression is sent to a dental lab as a guide while they craft a custom bridge for you. The dentist will then secure temporary crowns, over each abutment to protect them during the interim.

We will call you to schedule a second appointment once your permanent bridge is completed. The temporary crowns are removed and your new bridge is cemented in place over the two abutments.

If one of your teeth has been knocked out and you would like to explore your treatment and restoration options, you should not delay in calling High Desert Dental at 208-343-4732 to schedule an appointment.