Your Child’s Oral Health Is Affected by Nutrition

As you know, your diet can have a huge impact on your overall health. But did you know that your diet can also impact your dental health? Furthermore, your child’s diet can have a major impact on their dental health. Naturally, foods like sugar and coffee can have an immediate impact, but the vitamins and… Read more »

Regular vs. Electric Brush – Which is Better?

When you walk down the aisle at your local grocery store, you’ll likely see a ton of toothbrushes for sale. From regular brushes to electric ones that seem to cost a bit too much, the choices are endless. So what’s the best toothbrush for your oral health needs? Believe it or not, but the toothbrush… Read more »

The Reasons Why Six Month Checkups Are Vital

If you want a strong and successful oral health, it’s important to keep up on your six month checkups. Your dental cleanings and exams make it possible to reach your oral health goals, and our team strongly encourages you to avoid missing or delaying the appointment. There are many reasons why dental cleanings and exams… Read more »

Preventing Cavities by Chewing Gum

In order to maintain ideal oral health, it is imperative that you uphold proper dental hygiene. Brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. Also, floss your teeth at least once a day. Making sure that you visit at least twice a day is also important to your dental health. If… Read more »

The Basics of Dental Bridge Treatment

If you want to replace your missing teeth for many years to come, then a dental bridge is a great option for you! It can replace your missing teeth and give you long-term results without the need for surgery. The treatment involved in placing a dental bridge is easy and painless. It involves the following… Read more »

Gum Disease Needlessly Afflicts Millions of Americans Each Year

Gum disease is a general term used to describe an inflammation or infection of the gum tissues that afflicts an estimated 47% of adults over the age of 30. While the primary cause is hardened tartar at the gum line, habits like tobacco use and certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, can serve as increased… Read more »

Basic Care Tips Should a Crown Fall Out

Here at we secure all the crowns we install with a very strong dental cement that is meant to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, there are rare instances when a hard fall, blow to the face, or bacteria from gum disease can actually weaken the cements that hold on your crown. Should one of… Read more »

If a Tooth Is Knocked Out We Can Restore It with a Bridge

Every year nearly five million teeth are knocked out and in need of restoration. While many of these knocked out teeth are a result of sports accidents, there are still many teeth that get knocked out because of a hard fall or other unexpected accident. In some rare cases, can implant the knocked out tooth… Read more »

What to Expect When Lengthening Your Crown

If you’re about to improve your oral health by lengthening your crown, our team is happy to help you prepare for your appointment! The more you know about your treatment, the better because it will help you feel relaxed and comfortable in the hands of Dr. . So, to help you prepare for your visit,… Read more »

The Best Oral Hygiene Tools to Pack While Traveling

If you want to keep your smile in tip-top shape while you are traveling, it’s best to keep up on oral hygiene. However, that’s only possible if you have the right tools with you. So, to help you have the cleanest smile while you travel, our team recommends that you pack these items before you… Read more »