Mouthguard Facts

Mouthguards are strong, reliable and handy appliances that can keep your smile in tip-top shape while you’re participating in high-contact sports and activities. This is why your dentists encourage you to protect your smile with a mouthguard while you’re active. To help you know more about mouthguards in , , our team is happy to… Read more »

Chronic Dry Mouth Can Contribute to Other Oral Health Problems

Your mouth’s natural saliva production plays several important roles in your mouth. While it primarily helps to lubricate food while chewing and to facilitate easy swallowing, saliva also helps wash away lingering food particles after you are done eating. This helps to naturally reduce your chances of suffering from tartar buildup and the chronic plaque… Read more »

Brushing Too Hard and Other Bad Habits

When you do something repetitively for long periods of time, it is easy to let the quality suffer a little bit. This definitely can happen when brushing teeth! Over time, we let bad habits creep into our routine, and our smiles suffer. Here are some bad habits to break from your oral hygiene routine. Keeping… Read more »

Simple Tips to Help Prevent Fractured Dental Work

Each year, dentists like Dr. install veneers, bridges, crowns and other forms of dental work to address a wide array of oral health concerns. These treatments could include restoring a missing tooth, treating tooth decay or addressing cosmetic dental concerns. While these forms of dental work are created from durable materials meant to rival the… Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Bruxism

Do you ever wake up with frequent pains in your mouth as if your teeth and gums were getting a workout while you were sleeping? The truth is they may be. Due to an oral health condition known as bruxism, you may be grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep and doing serious damage… Read more »

Outlining the Basics of Dental Bonding

Have you ever heard of dental bonding? Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure designed to enhance the look and function of your teeth by applying materials, specifically resin or porcelain materials, directly to the surfaces of each tooth. If you have suffered any surface damage or wish to enhance the look of your smile,… Read more »

Why You Should Help Your Smile With Dentures

If your s Dr. Fethke, Kooyner, and Pottenger, have recommended replacing your missing teeth and restoring your oral health with dentures, then there are many reasons why they suggested this. Dentures are top-of-the-line appliances that can help you in many ways. In fact, they offer many benefits, including: -Dentures can replace your missing teeth without… Read more »

Unique Insight on Cavity Prevention Treatments

A healthy smile is a happy smile. In order to make sure your smile is happy, always employ the necessary cavity prevention techniques to ensure your smile will not suffer from dental damage due to erosion or tooth decay. Due to the fact that your diet plays a key role in dental erosion, make sure… Read more »

The Tips You Need for Strong Teeth and an Enhanced Smile

You deserve a smile you’re confident in. It’s always nice to have a healthy and attractive smile you don’t have to worry or feel self-conscious about. This is why our dentist, Dr. , encourages you to work toward your perfect smile each day. To help you, has the tips you need to reach those smile… Read more »

Yearly Oral Health Reminders: Bruxism & Night Guards

With the multitude of oral health ailments that can affect your smile at any point in time, there is often only so much you can do to protect your teeth. However, some ailments can be prevented and treated if found in time. An often-hidden oral health condition that can commonly arise is known as bruxism…. Read more »