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A dental crown is commonly used to address a wide range of dental conditions. Your dentists, Dr. Fethke and Kooyman, often use them to restore the enamel layer of a badly decayed tooth. This could also extend to a tooth that has lost a large filling or has suffered from additional decay.

A crown can also be used for a chipped or fractured tooth. The damaged tooth enamel can invite bacteria to form an area of tooth decay. Since some of the enamel has already been lost, the decay could spread quickly into the internal structures of the tooth. When this happens, Drs. Fethke and Kooyman might need to perform a root canal to excise the decayed and infected structures.

Restoring the tooth enamel with a dental crown seals the internal structures of the tooth safely inside the crown before decay has a chance to set in.

A porcelain crown might be called for in cosmetic dental treatments. If one of the teeth in your smile has a large chip, an old filling or discoloration, it can leave you with an unappealing smile. While dental veneers can sometimes be used to restore the face of a tooth, a crown might still be needed. This is especially true if the tooth has a shallow amount of enamel.

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